LHS club in running for $25K

Club Hope, a fundraising group at Lincoln High School that strives to help the ongoing fight against cancer, has a chance of winning $25,000, but need your help. 

Cara Nardone, creator of Club Hope

Pepsi is giving money away to groups and organizations across the country that are “refreshing the world.”  Called the Pepsi Refresh Project, groups across the nation have the chance of winning anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 in money to help their projects.

The club at LHS has proposed their idea to Pepsi and is positioned under the $25,000 category.  The more votes that are submitted, the better chance Club Hope will have in winning the prize – a prize that will help spread the Club Hope idea.

“With the money, we hope to establish Club Hope at other school districts around the area,” said Cara Nardone, creator/sponsor.  Nardone, a teacher at Lincoln High School and cancer survivor herself, started the club some 3 years ago. 

Club Hope, with over 100 members now participating, is designed to get the student body involved in advocating and fundraising to benefit the fight against cancer. 

Nardone said if they win the $25,000, the club will give each school willing to establish Club Hope approximately $3,000 to $4,000 in a form of a starter packet.

“This group always comes to the forefront with their charitable activities,” said Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court.  “It’s great what they do, and I’m proud of this whole organization.” 

From left to right: Mayor Court, Brittany Brown, Cristina Perrotta, Jordan Dicerbo, co-sponsor Kevin Dieneo, Milana Ballard, co-sponsor Katie Mulhollen, and Cara Nardone; (bottom row) Rebecca Chewning, Tamra Reece, Mykkia Daufen, Francesca Nardone, and Lisa Giancola.

For the entire month of November, voting will take place for the organizations and groups vying to win a large sum of money to help their cause, and the numerous methods of voting make it easy for anyone.

Directions to vote via the Pepsi Refresh Project website:

  1. Go to www.refresheverything.com/clubhope
  2. Click the VOTE FOR THIS IDEA button. When the sign in box appears click on the blue Sign Up tab
  3. You will then create an account.
  4. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address….open your e-mail and click confirm account.
  5. You will be directed back to the www.refresheverything.com website. The page will now read SUCCESS and you should click Sign In and reenter your e-mail, password and type the words found in the box. In the search area in the top right of the page type Club Hope. This will take you back to the page where you can click VOTE!

There are other ways to vote, as well.  Nardone said that voting also takes place via Facebook.  After clicking “Vote for this Idea,” you can sign into Facebook and vote.

And, “texters” can get in on the voting.  Simply text the number 109499 to the phone number 73774, and a vote is received.  If you vote via text, regular text messaging rates apply. 

One vote is possible per day via text, and another through email/Facebook.

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