Man shot, killed outside bar in Ellwood City

A man was shot and killed on Saturday at approximately 2 a.m. after a confrontation in a bar parking lot in Ellwood City’s north side.

According to reports, Ian Frey, 25, allegedly shot Keith Knox, 38, three times in the parking lot of Weisz’s Hazel Manor on North Street, Ellwood City. Authorities said the man was dead by the time they arrived on the scene.

Reports say that the incident between the two individuals began as a fight inside the bar and they were told to leave.

Police said that when Frey got inside his car to leave, Knox allegedly approached the car, pulled him out and punched him.  At that point, authorities say Frey allegedly reached for the gun and shot Knox.

Frey was arraigned in front of District Judge Melissa Amodie early this morning and is currently in custody at the Lawrence County Jail. He was charged with criminal homicide and murder of the first degree.

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28 comments on “Man shot, killed outside bar in Ellwood City

  1. Mike Boz on said:

    Let me get this straight: Frey gets into his car to leave, Knox pulls him out and assults him, Frey shoots Knox and then gets arrested? What is wrong here? I guess Frey should have just let Knox assult him. I am sure there is much more to the story, but if someone attempts to pull you out of a car to assult you, I wonder what the “correct” action should be?

  2. It is not noted that frey assaulted knox inside the bar! Initiating the altercation that spilled over outside. Self defense…. I think not. It is a shame that alcohol and stupidity came to a deadly conclusion but self defense is used when one fears for his own safety and if this were the case he would not have initiated the confrontation 5 mins earlier inside the pub! This is a cowardly and malicios act by a young man who was caught up in the moment but didnt realize the finality of his actions. 1 st degree murder is absolutely right not SELF DEFENSE.

  3. This story should not be made out as if Frey was defending himself! He knew he was going to shoot Knox. The two men began fighting in the bar and left after it had been broken up. Knox waited for a friend to come out so they could leave together while Frey waited in his car. Knox did approach the car out of frustration but DID NOT pull him out nor beat him! Before he even touched the door Frey shot Knox. The act was too quick to have not been planned. Frey put his car in reverse to leave the scene but Knox’s friend jumped behind the vehicle, blocking his way out, and called 911. It has also been told in other articles that Frey was heard screaming ‘I shot him I shot him’. This is also false. The authorities found drugs on Frey and Knox’s friend stated that not a word came out of Frey during or after the shooting. Frey is a murderer who took a life over something stupid and has in turn scarred multiple other lives as well! This story is making him sound too innocent!

  4. @ amber ur story couldnt be any more fabricated! there were 3 ppl who witnessed what had happened.. he WAS approached and pulled out of his car.. he did say he shot him.. n he did ask a neighbor to call 911 as he sat there crying.. he never tryed to pull away.. keiths friend is full of shyt cuz hes prolly tha same friend who approached tha car with keith. u can not just go pulling someone out of a vehicle.. its considered carjacking n u do have tha right to shoot someone over that.. they did NOT find drugs on Ian.. he is not a drug user… he is a devoted christian who does not hang out with ppl around this area often because his religion beliefs make him feel hes out of tha loop.. im not saying that he didnt do wrong here but u think u kno what all went down when u have no idea… there are witnesses to this crime who came forward to tha police.

    • Lol ansb, you need to freshen up up on the law. That’s not carjacking at all and you do not have the right to shoot. You are making this out as if Frey wanted nothing to do with the situation. He was funny invoked I it. If he was a devoted Christian then he would have better morals. To start a fight then when confronted again and first instincts is to pull a gun is not correct morals. It’s stupidity and against the law

    • the bar owner held Keith inside the bar for 15 MIN after kicking Ian out so the two of them did not run into each other outside(standard procedure for the bar) Ian had plenty of time to leave if he felt threatened but instead chose to wait!! premeditated…yes!!! murderer…absolutely!!!!

    • A devoted Christian? Really?! A devoted christian would never think to shoot someone over a fight like this!!! He is a murderer no matter which way you look at this situation! Regardless if Keith pulled him out of the car self defense would be to start swinging or god forbid fire one shot, not three or four shots!!! This was a malicious act of violence, and he deserves to spend the rest of his life in a prison cell!!

  5. pgh tribune said all 4 shots was fired from inside the car. looks like self defense.

    • Ellwood city need to have a duel club. Slap slap “I challenge you to a duel”.

    • How does that mean self defense. If that’s true then him being pulled out of the car is false, which means its not self defense. Plus the reported “3 or 4″ shots does not make it self defense. 1 shot is self defense, not multiple

  6. 2 shootings in less then a month! Can someone please open a gun store in ellwood bc I bet it would get a lot of business. :). Go crime go! :p

  7. Bob McCandless on said:

    As I see it there are only two people that really know what happened. Unfortunately one is unable to speak and the other will probably say whatever it takes to keep his butt out of prison. Just saying.

  8. It is disturbing to me how anyone could be defending Frey!! I don’t believe for one minute that this wasnt premediated and malicious!!! Maybe after the four shots he fired at Keith he felt ashamed and regretted his actions, but he knew what he was doing while it was happening! This is KARMA, and everyone gets what they deserve! I GUESS THATS WHY FREY HAS BEEN ARRESTED?? Let this be a lesson learned for everyone…FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN OPPOSITE BUT EQUAL REACTION, guess this really is true!

  9. I don’t know whether it was self defense or not because I don’t know the circumstances….only what has been reported or gossiped.

    What I do know is the number of shots fired means nothing in determining self defense. You are taught to shoot until the target is stopped. 1 shot doesn’t necessarily stop a person.

    One thing is for sure is this is a tragedy. One person is dead and another at the very least has to live with what happened, legal fees and potential jail time. I wonder what was so important that it escalated to this?

  10. I seriously can’t believe some of the comments on this story. So many people speak as if they witnessed events first hand. Jesus wept that bar must have been packed to the rafter with customers at two in the morning. There must have been hundreds of you over flowing into the parking lot! And let me guess you were all stone cold sober…lol Rumors and hearsay would probably be a more accurate description. Unfortunately there are a lot of people in Ellwood who have nothing better to do with their time than to gossip about others and embellish second and third hand stories. Volunteer your time, get a hobby, get a life! Thankfully we live in a country where we are all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and don’t have to go before a panel of bored busy bodies.

    • Innocent until proven guilty in ellwood city. Lol that doesn’t happen here bro. I was told by an officer in this town ” you have no rights”. This town is full of gossipers, drunks, corrupt officials.

      • Regrettably you’re not telling me something I don’t already know. Sadly the “Rumor Mill” is always working overtime in Ellwood. And the “Rumor Mill” tends to employ only those who do not have the ability to empathize or possess any lateral thinking skills. They seem to forget this is not a plot from some Hollywood movie they’re commenting on it’s a real story about real people. People who most likely have family and close friends at home who have been badly affected by this incident.

  11. this town is turning into little pittsburg, too bad someone didnt shoot ian, we all know the ellwood clown squad wont do anything, just smack his hand and tell him to be a good boy

  12. 2 shooting in less then 2 weeks, and on Saturday I see a FB post by an official about coming together as a community – instead of posting on FB how about u doing something about this downhill town – shootings, drugs, homeless people and closed ran down store fronts all over town – I wanna live in a town to be proud of not grow up and move away bc of low life people and trouble and that all this town attracts recently

  13. the cops should go down to koppel steel and interview that maitenence dept.

  14. tinker-man on said:

    what a shame, take the booze out of the picture, there is nothing to talk about.

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