RHS To Host One Young World International Youth Forum

The One Young World International Youth Forum (hosted by Riverside High School Honors World Cultures and Honors English classes in the LGI) will be live streamed from 12:30 to 2:00 pm on Thursday, February 28, and archived at http://video.magpi.net/videos/. The topic is human rights and includes students from the following schools in the US and around the world:

  • Riverside Beaver County High School (host)/presentation
  • Cornell High School
  • Del Valle High School (11:30 AM -1:00 PM CST)
  • South Fayette High School
  • South Park High School
  • University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa
  • Via Mundo, Brazil

One Young World International Youth Forum is a discussion between the moderator, Steven Sokol of the World Affairs Council Pittsburgh, and the high school students from the schools listed above. Sokol will be at Riverside today, along with Amiena Mahsoob of World affairs and Tim Devlin from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.

This project was completed by tenth grade students who have been studying human rights – the origin and current issues. They will present their own video addressing the issue during this conference, which is linked to the One Young World Summit http://oneyoungworldpittsburgh.com/  held in Pittsburgh last fall. This was made possible through a partnership with World Affairs Council Pittsburgh.

Raylene Boots, social studies teacher at Riverside, said the students have had lessons in their Honors World Cultures classes and their Honors English 10 classes.

“This began in December, when they first considered the issue of Tibet and China; they continued by examining the China-Taiwan issue,” Boots said. “They analyzed a variety of human rights, then chose one to make a video about. They learned to use animoto and in groups, created 3 minute videos to illustrate how they felt about that human right. The videos used only images, music and written words (no dialogue) to convey their message.”

According to Boots, although the students did not attend the summit, they did participate in the live feed. She said they felt very involved in the process.

“Hopefully, they learned something about human rights. But more importantly, I want them to become aware of the issues in the world around them, to develop their ability to analyze and evaluate international issues, and to demonstrate the capacity to communicate their ideas,” Boots said. “This event provides the opportunity for them to do all of this.”

Boots said another plus of this project is the opportunity to learn about other cultures.

“One of the goals of the conference is for them to learn about other cultures and how they view human rights. In addition, there are human rights issues in the United States which some believe should be improved, such as equal access to education,” Boots said. “Education was the topic of the last teleconference, in which Riverside participated. The next conference is in April and the focus will be on Global Health. We plan to participate again. This conference is special to us because we are hosting.”

Jonica Walters will also bring students from Lincoln High School to participate in the forum.

Twitter can be used for student questions and comments #OYWchat for students on the videoconference or watching the livestream.

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