PHOTOS: House fire leaves Ellwood in smoke

Ellwood City was covered in a thick, heavy smog yesterday afternoon as a Spring Avenue house went up in flames. Around 1:00pm, firefighters from Ellwood City and the surrounding area rushed to the burning home of Shalanda Bentel, a teacher at New Castle Elementary.

Bentel, who lives with her husband and two daughters, was luckily not in her rental home at the time of the incident. The once single-family home turned duplex received damage primarily to the second and third floors. After two hours, firefighters were safely able to put the duplex fire out.

After examination, the fire still has no evident cause. Local firefighters did a noteworthy job in making sure there were no injuries and that no damage was done to the surrounding area. Police then shortly reopened the nearby roads for the remainder of the evening after the smoke began to clear.

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