Nativity scene returns in mobile fashion

Nativity scene outside of Ellwood City Borough Municipal Building on Lawrence Ave.

Nativity scene outside of Ellwood City Borough Municipal Building on Lawrence Ave.

Two years ago, Ellwood City came under fire from a Wisconsin-based group known as the Freedom From Religion Foundation for displaying a nativity scene in front the the municipal building.

The group wanted to post a Winter Solstice banner on the scene to renounce the endorsement of Christianity, though Mayor Anthony Court decided against using it.

Last year, the nativity scene arrived once again, this time on a trailer attached to a truck parked in front of the municipal building.  Again, the Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened legal action, claiming that the truck and trailer received special parking accommodations.  Court explained that he followed ordinances properly, and that the trailer rested completely within legal guidelines.

nativity 2Now, a white trucked with an attached trailer is parked in front the building displaying the nativity scene yet again.  The display arrived back on the street on Sunday, and the mayor discussed his reasoning behind bringing it back for a second consecutive year.

“My biggest concern is that people will forget about tradition,” Court said.  “It is a lovable display, and I want to keep it alive.  It keeps the community together and strong.  As long as I am mayor, it will always be a part of Ellwood City.  There are things in this world worth fighting for, and this definitely one of them in my eyes.”

Court ensured that the vehicle and trailer follow city parking guidelines.

“There is 2-hour free parking, and people will be out to move it accordingly,” Court added.  “I have it outside my window so I can keep an eye on it.”

Court plans to keep the nativity scene up through the holiday season.

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22 comments on “Nativity scene returns in mobile fashion

  1. I can’t wait to park my illuminated statue of satan right next to it.

  2. So what happens when the FFRF shows up with their own trailer?

  3. RON TAGGART on said:

    Why not leave the promotion of religion to the churches in his town? The fact that his town as a tradition supported the erection of a nativity scene every year doesn’t make it right. If I know my Bible, Jesus in Mathew promoted the Golden Rule. How would Christians feel if Muslims were given the right to erect a monument on town property?
    Besides, this particular creche looks pretty tacky to me.

  4. pete zingaro on said:

    i bet you dont have the balls to stand next to it Jerry

    • Why, Pete, what would Jerry have to fear? You mean that some of you holier-than-thou Christians might take it upon yourselves to use violence to make sure only your beliefs are displayed?

    • Jewsnotforjesus on said:

      What will you do big man? Maybe linch him or burn a cross in his yard?

  5. cobalt100 on said:

    It is truly bewildering and amazing to observe the lengths that has been gone through in order to impose his religious beliefs on others. Hey, we don’t give a hoot about myths or legends. Keep it to yourself.

  6. I shall bring in my legion of brethren to this community and your community will learn tolerance for all religions and sexualities including my own. Ellwood will even have pride parades once a year and we will come into your schools and teach tolerance to your young so that they don’t grow up to be bigots like the rest of you.

  7. Todd Peissig on said:

    Seriously people ! Even if I were a Christian, that is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen and I would be ashamed of it. An ugly old trailer, badly in need of a paint job and plastic Nativity figures with hideous colors. If there were a god I’m sure he/she would be very insulted to have that as a tribute to his birthday. Please try to come up with something with more dignity next time.

  8. looks like a golden calf to me. you would think those that really are christians would stand up and say something. dont make no graven images !!

  9. StayClassyEC on said:

    I thought he was going to monitor this vehicle, which takes up TWO parking spots. It clearly has not moved since Sunday. That seems fair…

  10. Jewsnotforjesus on said:

    Imposing religious views in EC is what it’s all about. I know so many people that are of different religions and sexualities but they aren’t given special treatment to show their views. People should stand up and try something different that will put a bug up this non-tolerant Christian community.

  11. ed-words on said:

    Now be honest, Christian commenters. Doesn’t the way this is displayed look really cheesy?

  12. Merry Christmas Jerry. i just love to ruffle feathers,i dont give a rats a… what you do

  13. Looks pretty crappy and makes us look like a bunch of rednecks. If your going to do something then u should make it look real nice and professional… Maybe they should have a live nativity for a couple of hours next year.

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